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The beauty of the Appalachian Trail includes those who choose to walk it. Below, peruse the latest news, events, community photos and more.

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Thunder Ridge, Virginia - Brent McGuirt Photography

A Voice For The Land: Building the A.T. Landscape Partnership

Learn how the ATC and its partners are working to protect not only the A.T. footpath, but also the irreplaceable landscapes and ecosystems surrounding the Trail.

Katie Oliver on the Rocky Top Trail Crew

Always Worth It: How I Fell in Love with Life on a Trail Crew

ATC Trail Crew Leader Katie Oliver recalls why she returns every year to work on an ATC Trail Crew — no matter how bad the weather is.

Siler Bald, North Carolina

Flip Flop Hiking: Helping Conserve the Trail and Sustain Communities

More and more, hikers are choosing to begin their hikes at various locations along the A.T.’s corridor, hiking north or south, and then “flip-flopping” back to their starting location and hiking the opposite direction to finish the Trail.




ATJourneys Magazine Inside Layout

​a.t. journeys  magazine

A.T. Journeys is our award-winning member magazine. We strive to provide equal representation of hikers, outdoor enthusiasts, the environment, the community and education in connection with the A.T. and ATC. The magazine is published four times a year, and advertising revenues directly support the publication and production of the magazine and help meet the ATC’s objectives.

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