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Volunteer Resources

Appalachian Trail managers, this page is for you!

Volunteer Resources

Below are links to A.T. policies and planning guidance, as well as information for boundary volunteers and volunteer management resources. If you have any questions, comments, or need assistance locating an item, email [email protected].

Konnarock Trail Crew Group Photo

A.T. Club Leaders

Do you know your responsibilities for managing the A.T.? Do you want advice on recruiting and managing volunteers? Do you know what to do if a volunteer is injured while working on your Trail section? These resources will help.

Female Trail Crew Volunteer

Trail Maintainers Library

Resources for the hands-on work of building and maintaining the A.T. footpath and its facilities.

A.T. Volunteer Trail Crew Volunteer

Policies and Planning

Our policies on a wide variety of issues that affect the Trail can be found below. They are also incorporated into the Local Management Planning Guide to assist Trail Clubs in developing Trail management plans.


Training Opportunities

We support training opportunities and workshops for A.T. volunteers that range from basic Trail maintenance to removing invasive exotic plants to certification courses for users of chain saws and crosscut saws.


Boundary Program

Resources for monitoring and maintaining the A.T. corridor boundary.